Inspired by the islands, its people, the spirit for adventure and my Ohana

E Kūlia i ka nu‘u
Strive to reach the highest

The Kalei Group

The Kalei Group is a network for exciting new initiatives and business ideas springing from the minds, hearts and ingenuity of a small team of hard-working people. A multi-media platform, operating on at an international level, with the purpose of building strong companies and unique organizations with concrete values and ambitious aims. The Kalei Group is the parent corporation for four incredible original companies.

Our Founder: Palisa Kalei Shipley (Lisa) has over 30 years of experience in the tourism industry and is the founder of the Kalei group. Lisa formed the Kalei Group with the idea of creating a lightning rod for new, creative, and dynamic business ideas stemming from her home in Hawaii. Lisa has founded, organized and supported these new companies, developing each individual organization and maximizing their enormous potential.

Kalei is a Hawaiian word which has two meanings. The first meaning is ‘the flower wreath’ and we see similarities in this definition and the way our organization works, we believe each company is an individual organic entity with a great potential to grow and flourish. The second meaning of Kalei is ‘the beloved’ and we believe this is also fitting because it represents the great respect and affection we have for all of our organizations, the products we provide and our customers who support us.

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TKG Initiative

The Kalei Group offers small but fantastic financial initiatives for locally owned and operated Hawaii-based enterprises. These special grants are principally geared toward organizations who endeavour to fulfil four core objectives.

1. Strengthen the local economy and your community
2. Support career placement and advancement for indigenous people
3. Preserve and promote Hawaiian cultural heritage
4. Protect and preserve the environment today and for future generations

The type and amount of each grant varies according to your needs the size of your company and how closely your organization aligns with our four core objectives. We also take in to consideration your business’s long-term and short-term goals.

If you are interested in learning more or to apply. Please send an email to


This is a unique opportunity to work alongside a motivated and passionate organization which is comprised of six hand-crafted incredible companies and awe-inspiring institutions.

The companies that make up The Kalei Group Ohana:

The Tour Collective: This company provides a DIY travel booking engine, along with custom travel experiences, and a tourism matters program

Island Tourism Association: Is a one-of-a-kind organization dedicated to the safe promotion of island destinations across the globe

Yellow Hibiscus Tourism Advisors: Hawaii focused offering tourism consulting services to local businesses, travel booking services,custom wedding services and cultural education for travel professionals and island visitors

The Original She Sheds: A company with the concept of delivering individualized creative personal spaces for women.

Shorebreak Movies: Provides a cinematic outdoor Hawaii experience. Movies on the beach, local food vendors and artisans

Stacked on Maui: A Pop-up restaurant model centred around the Slow Food movement. A true farm to fork concept

The Kalei Group is a platform for creative business ideas, a space where the four pillars of community, local business, culture and environment can positively interact. We are dedicated to transparency and ethical practices throughout all our organizations. If you share our vision and want to help further our mission, please let us know by sending an email

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The tour collective is one of our newest and most exciting companies. The tour collective was built by travel nomads who envisioned creating handmade travel experiences and tours for a wide range of different customers. The tour collective endeavours to provide the best services and tour packages on the market. The company’s motto is ‘explore everything’ because they truly believe that the world is your classroom and we should never stop learning. We believe in responsible travel and sustainable tourism and that though this practice we can create positive bonds between diverse groups of people, helping to improve developing economies and communities.

Find out more about the tour collective at:

Island Tourism Association is the first-ever nonprofit grassroots organization to create a unified global island network with a focus on safe island promotion, environmental protection and cultural preservation. It is through our collective years of island-based tourism experience passion and dedication that we are unwavering in our efforts to unleash the potential of sustainable island tourism across the globe. It will be through a collection of creative educational programs, consultation services, tourism training and B2B / B2C events that we create an environment of understanding and partnership that will effectively relay our message to the wider world.

Find out more about the ITA at:

Yellow Hibiscus Tourism Advisors are the gold standard when it comes to providing a wide array of expert consulting services to tourism related businesses across the Hawaiian Islands. For the majority of island-based businesses, tourism is a vital source of revenue that must be continually cultivated. Realizing and developing a plan how to stay current and innovative in order to draw in new visitors and increase revenue, while respecting and maintaining the integrity of the fragile ecosystem that makes it all possible, is no easy task. Yellow Hibiscus creates a harmonic balance by leveraging strategic partnerships and is committed to an integrated holistic approach to economic growth, sustainable business practices and healthy communities.

Find out more about Yellow Hibiscus at:

Shorebreak Movies brings four fabulous flavors into play; Movies, ono grinds, drink and crazy coolspots across Maui. This equation adds up to something quite awesome. Shorebreak Movies is in the business of bringing back the joy of being together with the excitement of outdoor cinema. Be it a first-rate classic, a Hollywood blockbuster or an arthouse indie file, Shorebreak Movies is breaking down conventions and placing the silver screen in some of the coolest locations on island. Come hang out with us and experience first-hand Maui’s first and only mobile outdoor movie experience.

Find out more about Shorebreak Movies at

The Original She Sheds is another innovative company stemming from the Kalei Group. It is an organization seeking to reclaim spaces for women. This dynamic, original and enthusiastic company can take a simple, unused outdoor shed or garden house and create a personalized, redefined, dream space just for you. The Original She Sheds is a collective of locals working for locals that can build, design and hand-tailor every personal space depending on each woman’s unique taste, personality and story.

Find out more about The Original She Sheds at

Stacked is an exciting project, visualized by a couple of globe trotting foodies. The concept has been designed to pair the principles of the perfect burger and the slow food movement. Our desire to produce amazingly beautiful and delicious meals are both encompassed in our pop-up restaurant concept. While travelling and eating, it became intrinsically apparent that we must strive to protect and strengthen our relationship with our natural surroundings and be responsible in terms of how we source our food and products. This is why all our ingredients and products come straight from our home state of Hawaii and not only taste ono but also benefit our local economy.

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